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(Senate House Bill 1629 - How It Will Change Texas EDCs This Year)

Hello, my name is L.W. "Dusty" Brogdon, I am your Texas Crowdfunding Advocate. 
This message is to make you aware that I will be your area in the coming weeks and wish to schedule a time to meet and explain Senate HB 1629 to your EDC director and staff members. 

Your invested time will enable you to  learn how you may now create additional City revenue income from your City's EDC, by utilizing the "Texas Intrastate Crowdfunding System" and the recently enacted Texas Senate House Bill 1629.
This enables your City's EDC to administer to your areas businesses much needed access to working and scaling capital.

The Texas Intrastate Crowdfunding System and HB 1629 were created to let Texas' Businesses raise up to $1 Million Dollars a year, from Texas Residents / Investors from the age of 18 and up. This program has been in effect for over 15 months, however the new HB1629 has more defined language and additional updates.

You can view this Program at the following direct link.


My company acts as an independent third party consulting group and will assist your EDC in this entire process.

We will  establish your EDCs Texas Crowdfunding Portal, assist you with your States registrations process, design and implement your portals infrastructure.
We can also inform your business community of your new TCP and the service you now may offer.
We will also provide complete training of your existing or newly hired support staff, or you may wish to streamline this process and allow us to independently manage your entire program's TCP as your ancillary service provider.

After a brief conversation I will be able to understand your EDC's specific needs related to this program.
I have attached a few links below which will allow you to vet, and get more acquainted with this program.

A recap -
Create access to working capital for your community's Businesses!
Create Quality Jobs and Careers for your citizens!
Create additional Revenue for your City's EDC!

Your Texas State Senators, State Representatives and Texas State Securities Board
have invested their valuable time and resources to provide your community with this 
wonderful and timely program!

How can you afford NOT TO CALL?

For EDCs and Non-Profits

North East Community Portal Platform

State Senate and State Representatives / Authors and Sponsors of HB 1629

L.W. Dusty Brogdon 

Texas Crowdfunding Advocate
Texas Crowdfunding Group

There are 2.2 million startups in Texas, of which 38% (836,00) have no access to 
traditional funding methods. And there are 19 million non-accredited investors that 
thanks to the invest up to $5,000 in every business they like, in exchange of equity. 

Texas HB 1629 now makes it possible for your EDC to create a Texas Crowdfunding Portal
 where both the Texas Business and Investor will connect and together create the future.

Our standard 12 month consultant agreement is projected to cost $50K, and there are additional ancillary services on top of this.

A portal management, hosting and promotion agreement for $2K monthly and a White Label CF Portal one time $5K charge.
A first year total set up and management charge of $74,000.00.

A CF issuer's offer at $1M @ a TCP Fee of 7% would nearly cover ALL of this charge.

Our group is virtually unlimited as to the ancillary services we may provide for this business model, and outside of receiving compensation from an issuer in means of stock/warrant options, share/stock ownership participation in the offer, we may solicit offers for the EDCs-TCP by hosting start-up and Chamber of Commerce Events, and many additional means of exposure, We will structure the issuer's offer and provide all necessary documents and social media promotion to make it successful.
Links To HB 1629
Business Projection / $15,000,000,000.00 Sales/Placements

7% Texas Crowdfunding Portal Fee $1,050,000.000.00 Gross Profit

This is ONLY The numbers for Texas Veterans that can create jobs with the system!
There are over 700,000 other Texas Start-ups ...

  75,000 Offers/Businesses
X $200,000.00 Minimum Accepted Portal Placement Amount
$15,000,000,000.00 Monies Raised 

The Texas 84th Legislature (2015) House Bill 1629 allows a Texas Crowdfunding Portal, through the Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) using the Texas Crowdfunding System (TCS) to assist Texas Veteran Entrepreneurs (TVE) an opportunity to raise up to $1M per year from a Texas Resident 18 years and over by selling equity/stock in the business.

The Texas Veterans Entrepreneur Program has been approved to utilize the Texas Intrastate Crowdfunding System.

It has been projected that the State of Texas has 2.2 Million Business Start-Ups and that 38% (836,000) have no access to conventional business start-up capital.

Texas has 1.6 Million Veterans in the state, this represents 9% of the total population (18 and over) and if we use the following assumption 9% (Texas Vets) of the 2.2 Million Start-ups (SUs) we will show 198,000 of these SUs will be Texas Veterans.

When we use the 9% assumption and apply this to the 836,000 Start-Ups with no access to conventional business capital, we have 75,000 Texas Vets that can use/need the Texas Intrastate Crowdfunding System to fund their business.

Let's remember ... how about the other 

836,000 - 77,000 = 761,000 ?

There are at least 836,000 Texas Entrepreneur's seeking funding/business capital that will create JOBS!

The State can pass thousands and thousands of Bills, if they are not executed why waste the time, energy and resources?

Why has our Texas Governor NOT mentioned or funded any program to expose this system, or placed an overseer to monitor and promote Texas Intrastate Crowdfunding?

My best guess .... is ...

Governor Abbott's top 2 Campaign Supporters  ( Securities & Investment -  $2,618,708.83  Attorney's & Lobbyist - $1,792,317.03 = $4,411,000.00)  -    will be disrupted by this Texas Intrastate Crowdfunding System! 

Go figure ... Facebook Underwriters to Split $176 Million in IPO Fees

A Texas Crowdfunding Portal acts as an Investment, takes place the Bank and a Securities License is NOT needed to create the issuers documents.

Investment banks won big on IPOs in 2014 -    Investment banks earn fees from underwriting IPOs

Facebook Underwriters to Split $176 Million in IPO Fees

If you expect him to do anything, we are in big trouble!
We need Private Business to step up to the plate ...

Here is another issue that really does concern us all !

The Missing Millennial Entrepreneurs----

 Millennials reported that they were self-employed, compared with 7.6 percent for Generation X (born 1963 to 1981) and 8.3 percent for Baby Boomers (born 1944
to 1962). The report shows that low Millennial self-employment is partly caused by their relative
youth and partly caused by a trend toward lower self-employment at the relevant ages.

The report, called “The Missing Millennial Entrepreneurs,” is the first in a series on trends in entrepreneurship.

It is available at www.
The next report in the series will focus on entrepreneurs who have reached the traditional retirement age, a group sometimes called “encore entrepreneurs.”

L.W. Dusty Brogdon
Texas Crowdfunding Advocate

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